Catalogue number: MFM067


Humanity EP

After making a huge impact in the dubstep scene for the last few years, Genetix have taken things back to their D’n’B roots with this killer 4 track EP entitled “Humanity”.

There really is something for everyone in this project with 4 tracks all very different from the last. Jump up, rolling, liquid and jungle make up this huge release.
Many of you may know Genetix’s work by their huge dubstep anthem “Squid Attack” and their releases on the mighty Circus Records. But what you may not know is that Genetix is made up of D’n’B producers Hoax/Shifta & Tron (also formally known as Bluefoot and Digiworx).

The title track “Humanity” is a smooth summer hit with warm pads, deep bass notes and a haunting vocal but still keeping enough impact to get the dancefloor moving.
“Tokyo Rift” is a deep rolling dancefloor killer with hard hitting drums and a warping bass line that carries the track perfectly.
Next up is “Haven’t You”, the perfect set opener to destroy dancefloors. A soft hip hop intro with cleverly placed vocal hits leading into the monstrous reece break down where filtered drum loops lead up to the devastating drop. Big bass and even bigger amen breaks make this a peak time banger.
Last but by no means least, “Hitman” opens with glitching spooky notes before leading into an all-out jump up assault. This is instant screw face business and perfectly showcases Genetix’s love of grizzly bass wobbles.

Genetix - Humanity
Genetix - Tokyo Rift
Genetix - Haven't You
Genetix - Hitman