DJ Freek has been making quite a stir of late… in fact more like a full on storm by unleashing his own brand of heavy hitting, unforgiving Drum and Bass.An accomplished DJ and impressive producer, his uncompromising approach to the studio is apparent in every tear-out track oozing his musical magnificence.
Freek by name and a Freak by nature, his weird and wonky personality is the core of his warped and wonderful style – Jazz fused with Hip Hop, laced with Bass and topped up with a dose of Trip Hop; you can expect it all, expertly fused together with intense upfront pressure.

Twisted Tech, soulful Liquid and downright dirty Jump Up bangers, Freek is making all the right moves and strides beside the big boys with full support from the likes of Andy C, Hazard and Subzero to name a few – he has cemented his funky footprints all over the place, with non-stop unrelenting and just plain filthy bass.

Sought after and released by the almighty Ram Records – his landmark release ‘Cobalt 60’ not only secured his place among the scene’s elite, but set his climb up the ranks to lightning pace.

Edgy, original and completely outrageous, Freek is at the forefront of fresh-faced and forward thinking Drum and Bass